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    It all started with a simple statement…“Mom, you have enough vinyl in this room to fill up a store”, and it continued with a very direct response…”Well then start me one!" So, as a family we did just that…First with this website and now with an actual location…Momma got her store! (And we all know when momma’s happy everybody’s happy lol)
        See…Plotter and Press’s foundation is family…and we plan to stay that way. In a time where big business buyouts and multiple mergers seem to be the norm, we feel it shouldn’t be! To us you’re not just an order…you’re not just a customer…you’re not just a crafter…You’re our Crafting Family! So without further ado…..
        Welcome to the FAMILY and Welcome to Plotter and Press, Your Craft Vinyl Connection! We hope during your visit you find our products pleasing and our customer service sweeter than southern tea.
        Thank You again for stopping by our site and feel free drop by and say Hi!

    Happy Crafting,

    The Plotter and Press Family!